Monday, September 7, 2009

Loose change of the day

I may make this a regular feature, linking to stories that aren't so much newsworthy and not necessarily Korea-related (or Asia-, Hawaii-, OC-, or California-related). Basically, things that pop up that pique my interest.
  1. A Los Angeles Times piece on "hyperbole, exaggerations, and misstatements" surrounding illegal immigration.
  2. The journal Science reports on a recent study of cores of lake ice and glaciers that more clearly links humans to the reversal of a two thousand-year cooling trend.
  3. Be careful about taking your iPhone on trips abroad, because if you leave the settings the way you had them back home then you might end up with massive data charges.
  4. First cloned wolf is found dead at the Seoul Grand Park zoo.
  5. LAT looks at the "storybook houses" of Los Angeles.

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