Thursday, September 10, 2009

More news on the mango-vagina front

Steve Lopez of the Los Angeles Times has an article on two controversial billboards that have gone up in Koreatown.

One of them has already come down, a notice by Consumer Watchdog that Mercury Insurance cannot be trusted. The more salacious one is still up, an advertisement for Absolut Mango with an ovalvular depiction that is suggestive of part of the female anatomy.

According to Mr Lopez, it "is still eliciting gasps." In Koreatown? Not surprising.

Ah, but what else can you expect with the rampant pornification of America? In fact, I think I just became a knowingly unwitting accomplice in their attempt at viral marketing. And as a public health specialist in training, I can assure you that viral and vaginas do not mix. Well, they do, but they shouldn't.

Monster Islanders are already familiar with how mangos and vajayjays come together, ... er, are intertwined... er, connected, and I wonder if our Swedish vodkameister friends are cribbing from this blog.

Absolut Plagiarism.

Anyway, I suppose some could easily criticize my own apparent preoccupation with Parkaykays and mangos, including the facile disparagement that I need to get laid. And they may be right. Kushibo hasn't had any since Bush was in office.

[sigh] The other Bush.


  1. Ok...I just have to say, even if the mango vodka ad was to symbolize a vagina, why is that a big deal? Are we so puritan that we can't have symbols of the thing that men love most? After all, it IS a SYMBOL. I mean, in reality, it really doesn't even look like a real vagina, although I definitely can see the symbolism based on the overall shape. But if we are going to "gasp" at these representations, then we might as well tear down skyscrapers and those Cheju-do statues that are shaped like male organs.

  2. It's not so much of a big deal, except that it's a giant billboard on a major street. Some kid will figure it out, and then tell his or her friends, and then your little Timmy is asking you what a fudge-ina is, something you didn't want to tell him about until a few years later.

    Skyscrapers may go up for phallic reasons, but they don't usually look like phalli. Ditto with the harubang of Chejudo that do look like they have a completely other legitimate purpose.

    In fact, I didn't recognize the helmet-as-corona on the harubang until my late 20s. It says something about me that I see the mango but not the kochu.


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