Thursday, September 10, 2009

Monster Island takes 100,000 hits (sometime this week)

I'm trying to write a post just long enough so that it will push down the previous post enough so that it will look like Baby Kushibo is smiling at Simona Halep's pre-reduction breasts. Which in turn are pointed right at him.

And to make it that perfect length, I'll mention a milestone: my 100,000th hit on Sitemeter, sometime Thursday or Friday (Hawaii time). I might buy the winner a Coke™. Of course, compared to The Marmot's Hole's 5,959,837, it's a 1.68% drop in the bucket.

I've actually way more than passed the 100,000th mark, since I'd been blogging for more than six months before I put up the Sitemeter link. But I figure that the "lost" hits from before might equal the number of hits I've made to my own blog, so it's a wash. Let's see if this post is now long enough. [Kushibo hits PUBLISH.]


Now that 9/9/09 weddings and Absolut Mango have pushed Ms Halep down the page, I thought I should just reprint a screen grab with the cutely juxtaposed pictures. I'm just thinking of posterity.


  1. Ha! Your silly attempt to drive up comments via boob pics have failed to produce one... errr... TWO comments..!.. ;)

  2. And now it's failed to produce three.

    Actually, after realizing long ago that some of my most-visited posts have zero or few comments, I've been focusing on getting hits more than anything else.

    Just wait until I have gathered salacious photos with a disputed territory theme — I'm calling them 독도뉴드s — and we'll see me catch up with The Marmot overnight.

    [evil laugh]

  3. See....this is why I sign onto this blog. There was a lady like THIS smokin playing tennis all this time and I never even knew about her! Is she like ranked 150th or something? Even if she was ranked at the bottom...Who cares?! Give her more airtime!

  4. Wait a minute...can I delete my last drooling comment?! I just found out she's only 17!! I didn't know!

  5. LNK,

    Is that the freak'in tomb of noses you have as your avatar? Gross!

  6. She was only 17... 17... but she was sex-say!

    LastNameKim, it's in the OCR and it's been sung about in pop songs. You're clear.

    If you do remove it, then I will reprint it by quoting your comment in its entirety, with something about goats added in for good measure.

  7. Edward wrote:
    Is that the freak'in tomb of noses you have as your avatar? Gross!

    This coming from someone who eats kangaroos and dolphins.

  8. Edward,

    It is the tomb of noses...or ears as the literal "mimitsuka" name goes. But I didn't use it because of the "gross" factor, but rather it just symbolizes something pretty deep for me. If you've ever visited it and really thought about what it was, it kind of blows you away to think of what happened in the past. I have a particular interest in ancient Korea-Japan relations and so this was a pretty neat place to visit for me especially if you consider that most people who live around here just pass by without thinking twice about what it is.

  9. Hey, I don't eat roo and dolphins!

    I just don't object to eating them...

    Btw... I heard roo meat is good. Lean and tasty!

    Those noses should be returned to Korea. I believe a Korean buddhist priest tried to get this done and almost succeeded, but apparently Japanese indifference, bureaucratic lead footedness and haggling put a stop to the final tearing down of one of Hideyoshi's few remaining monuments.

  10. I have some strong positions on Yasukuni Shrine, Tokto/Takeshima, the Comfort Women issue, textbook changes, and East Sea versus Sea of Japan, but the nose-and-ear mound is not something I ever really felt compelled to rally around.

    It is something that happened 400 years ago, and as such, the condemnations struck me as people trying to whip up anti-Japanese sentiment about something inconsequential.

    Sure, it's not completely inconsequential to the people whose family members might be there, but it is not of such consequence that it should derail Seoul-Tokyo relations.

    And that's what I see happening with a lot of these issues: They are used cynically to get people behind some issue (or person) or against some politician (or issue).

    So, having stated, that, please feel free to convince me otherwise. I think I can be convinced why it is bad, but how would you convince a Japanese person why they shouldn't be honoring Hideyoshi.

    Heck, I might even allow guest post status for such a well-researched presentation.


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