Sunday, March 21, 2010

Daily Kor for March 21, 2010: China tells Korea, "Eat my dust!"

It's a Yonhap news day today, which means almost all the stories are from Yonhap. Seriously, AP, Reuters, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, UPI, etc., had nothing today on Korea. I guess all the crooks and liars are staying inside because of the yellow dust and thus are not making news.
  1. Massive sandstorm from China envelops South Korea (links here)
  2. Tokyo and Seoul are in talks over a visit by high-ranking North Korean defector Hwang Jang-yop to visit Japan to speak to that country's Diet (Yonhap)
  3. Justice Ministry to permanently ban any foreign national convicted of sex crime (Yonhap)
  4. South Korea to launch program to send development experts to developing countries (Yonhap)
  5. GM Daewoo recalls 58,000 vehicles over problems with steering and fuel hoses (Yonhap)
  6. Canada defeats South Korea, 8-7, to win gold at Vancouver Paralympics curling (YonhapCanadian Press)
  7. In a growing sign of popular opposition to the DPRK regime, most North Koreans now walk in the opposite direction of which way the propaganda posters are telling them to go (Yonhap)


  1. The air and the skies were fine in Seoul today. It cleared up overnight. It was definitely surreal yesterday though, far, far worse than anything I saw last year.

  2. The yellow dust was intense. I've never seen anything like that in Daegu.


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