Sunday, March 21, 2010

Red Mango fading in the Big Orange

Red Mango, the Korea-based frozen treats chain secretly named after the vajayjay, appears to be having trouble in The OC*, reports the Orange County Register.

It seems they are closing the Red Mango in Irvine. Froyo shops (that's frozen yogurt, for those of you in Barstow) have sprouted across the Southland like medical marijuana dispensaries (honestly, that's the first and most family-friendly metaphor I could think of for something that sprouted), and that means that only the mighty Pinkberry is doing okay.

Dare I say the Red Mango was spread too quickly (the inherent ribaldry of this sentence probably only makes sense if you read the vajayjay link above)?

I hesitate to point out that there's only women in the above shop enjoying the taste of Red Mango; perhaps men in America generally don't like the taste of things like Red Mango. It's quite different from Korea, where women out on dates will tell their men they're going to head down to the Red Mango and they're going to like it!

* No, it's still not okay for an OC native to use the definite article "The" before "O.C.," except when done ironically, sardonically, or sarcastically.

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  1. Yeah, as I pointed out before, I would hesitate to eat red manko as I prefer manko that is pink and...oh, never mind.


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