Monday, March 15, 2010

why does Korea

At Brian's suggestion, I have gone to the Google window and typed in "why does Korea" to see what "suggestions" pop up. Regular visitors to Monster Island know I tried this in the early days of "I am extremely terrified of Chinese people" (see here and here), so I was curious to see what would pop up.

In order from first to least first, here they are:
  1. why does korea want to bomb hawaii
  2. why does korean sound like japanese
  3. why does korea have fast internet
Yeah, just why the hell does Korea want to bomb Hawaii? I mean, yeah, the geography-impaired people who wrote this clearly don't know which polar direction is the good guy and which is not (and I blame America's own War Between North and South for that confusion), but in reality neither one wants to bomb Hawaii. I think. I hope. Crap, that's what I left Seoul for. Damned KJI is stalking me.

Um, anyway, that's all that popped up, so I decided to expand my search into something that might reveal more sociological hijinks, so I tried out "why do Koreans," which yielded more results:
Okay, I get most of these (that is, I can see why someone might be asking these), but #5 has me a bit baffled, including why it's up at #5. At any rate, it does reveal something about how others see — or what they see — about Korea. This is a job for AskAKorean.

Okay, this could end up being a major time killer. Type in "Korea women" and you get sports, but type in "Korean women" and you get things about dating, photos, and plastic surgery. Why do Koreans have small eyes indeed?

"English teachers in Korea" yields blogs and salary. Makes sense. I guess AES hasn't gotten to them yet.


  1. Why does the Korean tell a lie?

    the korean ruled in china

  2. Why don't you try...

    "Korean women are..."


    "Korean girls are..."


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