Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Maybe from now on the KCNA reports should come with winky emoticons

This guy, who crossed into North Korea in January and is just now being visited by the US's Swedish proxies in North Korea, apparently believed the propaganda coming from the Korea Central News Agency (um, that would be the North Korean state-run mouthpiece):
The United States said in January that North Korea had informed it that it was holding the American, but since then has provided no information about the case.

North Korea's official news agency said the American was detained after crossing into its territory from China, accusing him of "trespassing" and saying he was under interrogation.

South Korean news reports have said the border-crosser was a 28-year-old man who said he entered the socialist North because no longer wanted to live in the capitalist world.
I don't know what to make of people like this. Yes, there are a bunch of people who believe that our corporate-controlled media (and yes, I agree that's a problem) is feeding us lies, limiting our choices, forcing us to work slave wages, making us sick, etc., etc., and the place to go must be these places that the corporate media and the corporate-controlled government are telling us are so terrible.

Hence, North Korea as a destination, especially since the KCNA propaganda dovetails nicely with the American-made anti-American rhetoric.

And he might really end up with a great life, a movie star playing evil American roles in propaganda films (which is a step up from South Korea, where evil Americans are played by Russians).

Good riddance. Expend no national treasure fishing this guy out.

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