Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Faces of the Day: Japanese Ambassador to Seoul Toshinori Shigeie and ROK Foreign Minister Yu Myunghwan

Boy, does this ever look pleasant.

Both these gentlemen are simply doing what their job description requires of them: Mr Yu has no choice but to call in Mr Shigeie to protest Tokyo continuing to claim land long controlled by South Korea, and as long as Japan makes its claim, Mr Shigeie has no choice but to listen and possibly put forth Tokyo's claim.

I hope these two can get together later in the week when the cameras aren't around and share a good stiff drink and belt out a few songs together on a karaoke box in some downtown noraebang. Not that I encourage drinking. Or noraebang.

For more on this, see the links in story #4 of today's Daily Kor.

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  1. China's being smartass about Tibet; Japan, over Dokdo

    Korea's the only non-historidiotic East Asian country


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