Monday, March 29, 2010

KCNA Terms U.S. World's Worst Human Rights Abuser

And speaking of human rights, here's a lovely editorial from the KCNA. The sad thing is, no small number of college students will try to convince you of at least a few of these points:
Pyongyang, March 27 (KCNA) -- The Korean Central News Agency issued an indictment slamming the U.S. hideous human rights abuses. It brands the U.S. human rights racket as a poor artifice to cover up its poorest human rights record and threaten and blackmail sovereign states.

Citing facts to prove that the U.S. is beset with the most serious human right abuses in the world, the indictment says:

The U.S. is a society where the law of the jungle governs.

In this society one can live only by way of racketeering and through fraud and swindle. Without these practices one cannot but be pushed to the fringes of society where one can not keep body and soul together, denied even the elementary rights to eat, get clad and have a shelter. Yet, the rulers there trumpet about "welfare for all" and "equality for all." This is the true picture of the corrupt American society.

The human life and inviolable rights are exposed to constant threat in the American society where all sorts of crimes are rampant.

The gun-related crimes plague the society like "chronic epidemic."

Existent only in name in the U.S. are a man's rights to get jobs, to be fairly paid for the work done and to be provided with safe and hygienic working conditions, etc.

To be seen in the U.S. are such sounding and spurious signboards of "liberty," "democracy" and "civilization." A scrutiny into its society proves that in the U.S. the socio-political rights and civil rights of the majority of working masses are grossly violated institutionally and the healthy development of the ideological and cultural fields is impeded due to the prevalence of social evils.

Elections in the U.S. are nothing but competitions among the rich.

The "freedom of thinking and free expression of views," "freedom of speech" and "freedom of demonstration and assembly" much touted by the U.S. are mere facades.

The civil rights require state guarantee and protection as they are provided for by law.
Civil rights are wantonly violated by state power in the U.S.

A particular mention should be made of the fact that illegal wiretapping is now rampant in the U.S., sparking off a public furor.

What merits a more serious attention is that the judicial authorities are taking the lead in human rights abuses though they are obliged to protect the civil rights.

Police have become a synonym for hooligans and criminals in the U.S.

The authorities' abuse of rights of prisoners is now censured by the international community.
Drug abuses getting more rife in the U.S. with each passing day are producing an increasing number of mental and physical cripples.

Racial discrimination has festered in the American society ever since the emergence of the U.S.
The rights of women and children are ruthlessly trampled down upon in the American society governed by the law of the jungle.

Wars of aggression and military interventions perpetrated by the U.S. in different countries and regions under the signboard of "anti-terror war" are the worst state-sponsored terrorism and, at the same time, the most hideous human rights abuses.

This is eloquently proved by the facts that in many countries where the U.S. is fighting a "war on terrorism" a great number of innocent citizens are losing their lives and properties and leading a miserable life due to the evil cycle of massacre, destruction, violence and terror perpetrated by the U.S. occupation forces.

The U.S. blockade and sanctions against other countries are also criminal acts of encroaching upon the rights of their peoples to exist and develop.

The U.S. can never shirk off its responsibility for the hideous crimes it has committed against humanity by putting mankind's right to existence at peril as it is chiefly to blame for the present financial and economic crisis.

The U.S. makes no scruple of ruthlessly violating the religions and freedom of religious beliefs of other countries and nations.

It is a country with the poorest human rights record as it hamstrings the international efforts for the protection and promotion of human rights.

All facts go to clearly prove that the U.S. is the world's worst human rights abuser.
It had better seriously repent of its own human rights issue and human rights abuses before styling itself a "human rights judge" jeered by the world.
Well, there are some good points. There's In-'N-Out, plus the ability to be, say, a birther without becoming a deather.

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  1. Well, I dunno. Most of it looks about right to me though, if a bit dramatically put. But in today's worldwide horseshit throwing festival, what's the point? People just don't care until you start stepping on their feet. The KCNA will never get anywhere with this stuff if guys like Michael Moore couldn't.


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