Monday, March 15, 2010

Loose links for March 15, 2010

 Economic news 
  • Meanwhile, South Korea is holding fast to its all-or-nothing position that Google's Android Market (there's an ominous-sounding name) will not be allowed to operate in South Korea if they don't allow ratings of the 4400 game titles they're offering that has so far gone unrated. 
  • Hyundai Motors is saying that domestic sales of the all-new Sonata are expected to top 100K this month
  • In a reversal of roles, Korean auto parts manufacturers will be exporting car parts to Japan, as Daihatsu imports Korean car parts. 
  • The service sector accounted for 70 percent of the ROK economy for the second straight month, indicating "advancement of the nation's economic structure." It was a mere 50 percent in 1992. 
  • South Korea and the EU will hold ministerial level talks over the final stages of the FTA. 
  • Air Busan begins bookings for its new routes to Jaban (that misbelling was deliberate). 
  • The economic slowdown has forced corporations to cut entertainment expenses and donations by 20 percent. Why those two categories are lumped together, I'm not really sure. Maybe the slipping of Saimdangs into women's undergarments provides overlap.
  • Electricity-powered "green" vessels to be ready for manufacture by 2015.
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  1. personally, i prefer busan to pusan... more appealing to the eye. the letters scan better. that doesn't make any sense...


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