Thursday, September 10, 2009

OCR on celebrity preference for smaller breasts

The Orange County Register has decided that voter fraud in Afghanistan and Uighur unrest in Xinjiang (above) are too much of a downer, so they've brought us an exposé on how celebrities are opting for smaller breasts:
Halep's decision to decrease her breast size drew howls of protest from fans of large breasts. A Facebook group "Stop Simona Halep Reducing Her Breasts" signed up 3,070 members. The group claimed members and officers from the United States, most European countries, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina and Chile.
Frankly, Kushibo doesn't mind small breasts; after all, I've got small hands. Giant silicone-infused mammaries have never appealed to me much, especially on Korean women (search for "crazy nutso" here).

Anyway, it looks like the OCR has taken a page out of the Chosun Ilbo playbook, as the 46-picture photo essay that accompanies the "article" is full of big-breasted women such as Simona Halep playing sports or going to the beach. They don't even get around to showing the any post-reduction photo (the supposed point of the piece) until the ninth photo (below is the eighth).

Of course, I reprint the above picture only to show what the OCR is up to.

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