Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Daily Kor for March 10, 2010

It may be a testament of how things have changed from the Roh administration to the Lee administration that two North Korean asylum seekers could top news, sort of. Although the Roh administration did take in thousands of North Korean refugees — more than all other administrations combined — they also tried to downplay the issue in the media and public sphere to the detriment (even death) of some of the escapees. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  1. North Korean loggers seek asylum at ROK consulate in Vladivostok (links here)
  2. As ROK-US military exercise continues, North Korea vows to bolster nuclear arsenal (Bloomberg, UPI, Yonhap)
    • China appoints new ambassador to North Korea (Bloomberg)
  3. South Korea provides twenty tons of skim milk powder to DPRK (People's Daily, Yonhap)
  4. President Lee declares war on corruption among educational officials and public servants (Yonhap)
  5. Government to give automobile tax incentives and other benefits to families with three or more children (Yonhap, Korea Times)
  6. Afghan deputy foreign minister comes to Seoul, voices hope for ROK reconstruction team (Yonhap
  7. Russian authorities arrest two people in stabbing of South Korean student in Moscow (links here)
  8. South Korea defeats Netherlands, 2-1, in field hockey World Cup but fails to get semi-finals berth (AFP)
  9. Inha University historian credits Koryŏ-era seafarers with introducing Pilgrim attire to the Puritans (Donga Ilbo


  1. Would really like to read no. 9 on the list, if it is in English. But the link doesn't work??

  2. Check out the last story in the other Daily Kor posts and see if you detect a theme. :)

  3. Damn, I was ready for a nice laugh!

  4. I was hoping you'd have a nice laugh anyway.

    Here's a serious one, then: the English word silk has it's origins in the Korean word for 'thread' (실; shil or sil).

    But it would be funnier if the Pilgrim's hat could somehow be traced to the chŏn'gojonggat (전 고종갓).


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