Thursday, March 4, 2010

Daily Kor for March 4, 2010

People are still giddy about the Olympics, seeing it as a boost for Pyongchang's (Pyeongchang's) bid for the 2018 games. Seriously, if you want a better chance, change the spelling to Pyongchang. Pyeongchang just looks daunting.

There's also speculation of a visit to China by Kim Jong-il, while his nuclear envoy is trying to head to Washington.
  1. North Korean leader Kim Jong-il to visit Beijing in late March (links here)
    • North Korea's top nuclear envoy to visit US early this month (Reuters via WaPo, Yonhap)
    • ROK foreign minister says direct US-DPRK talks are possible, but within six-party framework (Yonhap)
  2. South Korean military suspends operation of all fighter jets following yesterday's deadly crashes (Yonhap, Korea Times, Korea Herald, Joongang Daily)
  3. South Korean industrial output rises 36.9 percent in January (Yonhap)
  4. US Trade Representative says FTAs with South Korea, Colombia, and Panama should be top priority for Obama administration this year (Yonhap)
  5. Speaking to triumphant ROK winter Olympians, President Lee promises "active support" for winter sports (AFP, Korea Herald)
    • President reaffirms bid for 2018 winter Olympics (Korea Times)
    • Kim Yuna returns to Toronto, Canada, to train for world championships (Yonhap)
  6. South Korea defeats Ivory Coast, 2-0, in pre-World Cup soccer friendly (BBC, ESPN, Yonhap)
  7. South Korea defeats Argentina, 2-1, to move to the semi-finals in the World Cup of field hockey (IBN)
    • If only these last two headlines were turned around.
  8. ROK sports ministry pushes for human calligraphy to be offered as demonstration sport at 2012 London Summer Olympics (Yonhap)

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