Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Loose change for March 9, 2009

 Economic news 
 North Korea news and stuff 
  • And now the BBC is carrying the story of Kim Jong-il's and Kim Ilsung's personal shopper. Can I call them "the Beeb"? If I called them "the Beeb," would my readers understand what I'm talking about? 
  • A piece in the Korea Times asks if the unrest in North Korea is a harbinger of change. I sure think so.
 Other Korea-related stuff 
 Americana and miscellany 
  • The Marmot's Hole has more on the story from yesterday's Loose Change of the South Korean woman who was arrested in Guam after keeping her children in South Korea and hiding them from her husband. She has accused him of sexual abuse, but the material presented at TMH takes a much more sympathetic view of the husband.  
  • A bilingual fourth-grader, Oscar Rodriguez of Las Vegas, is being hailed as hero for translating for authorities — from a stretcher — in the aftermath of a bus crash that killed six people.
  • Anthem's double-digit rate hikes — some of them up to 39% — has been a boon to Obama as he tries to push through health care again.
  • Here's a silly blog with some funny headlines.


  1. On Oscar Rodriguez- I'd like to see this story on every channel, because this 'in America we speak American' bullshit is so trite and so far-removed from reality.

  2. I'd like to see the Oscar Rodriguez story on every channel dealing how these illegal companies (bus) manage to operate in the U.S.

    I can't tell you how often I've nearly had accidents with other transmigantes and their caravans taking old vehicles loaded down with household goods back to Mexico and Central America to sell back home. It's great that they take these clunkers out of the U.S., but they are uninsured, traveling at low speeds on interstate highways, and usually don't even have the last vehicle's tail lights working.


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