Sunday, March 7, 2010

ROK Olympic Committee to release commemorative coins of Kim Yuna — minted in Australia

That's a bit weird. From the Donga Ilbo:
“We will issue commemorative coins to celebrate Kim’s gold medal and share the moment of joy,” it said in announcing Korea’s first commemorative coin for an athlete.

The coins will come in gold (22.6 millimeters in diameter and 7.78 grams in weight) and one-ounce silver (40.6 millimeters in diameter and 31.1 grams in weight) varieties.

The head will contain an image of Kim’s free skating performance and signature, and the committee’s insignia. The gold coin will sell for 880,000 won (771.25 U.S. dollars) and the silver for 121,000 won (106.05 dollars).

The commemorative coins have three unique traits. First, they have been manufactured by the Perth Mint of Australia, not by the Korean mint. The coins are being circulated in Tuvalu in northeast Australia that has a population of only 12,000.

The face value of the coins is written in the Australian dollar, not in Korean won. The gold coin has a value of 25 Australian dollars (22.56 U.S. dollars) and the silver one Australian dollar (0.90 U.S. dollar).
Since the coins are commemorative and not genuine currency, they can't be manufactured by Korea's mint, which does produce money for other countries. Hmm. Korean double standards, yet again. (There is no point to this post.)

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  1. it's still cool to see my queen and their queen on money.

    (i will not disambiguate that statement.)


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