Saturday, March 13, 2010

San Francisco manhwabang

More news from the Bay Area: The Jewett Gallery at the San Francisco's Main Library (100 Larkin Street) is running an exhibition of Korean manhwa (comics).

And by "Korean," they mean both North and South:
The exhibition examines the changing social relativities of Korean society from the 1950s through the 1990s by reading its comic books. Featuring 83 artworks of 21 of the best-known South and North Korean artists, the exhibit provides a running commentary that reflects the lives of ordinary people, at once joyful, satirical and penetrating. What shines most prominently through these works is an engaged and vigorous civil society in Korea, continuously challenging and energizing the status quo in whimsical and provocative ways. By doing so, they pay an important role in characterizing and distinguishing the culture, sensibility and sentiment of the two Koreas.
If you're in the Bay Area, this looks like it might be a fun thing to check out.

There was a time when I saw manhwa [만화/漫畫; cf. Japanese manga, まんが/漫画] as a good way of boosting my Korean language skills and gauging the zeitgeist of my Koko peers, but I soon graduated to news.

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