Thursday, March 4, 2010

This is why you're fat

This offer has a lot more people complaining than I thought, and for very different reasons.

Yeah, I know that's not an original title, but I'm adopting it for what might be an occasional sentiment, especially as I roam the aisles of the supermarket (even after three years, still in awe of the goods available, almost like Le Ly Hayslip in the Heaven & Earth) or spot "specials" at Hawaii's artery-clogging eateries (how the Aloha State tops the life expectancy charts is beyond me... my only guess is that things on the Mainland are just that much worse).

Anyway, my first entry is this advert from Denny's. Now I like me some Denny's breakfast on occasion, and it's nice that they're helping people out in these difficult economic times, but this is negligent homicide. Unlimited pancakes... and fries?! These things don't even go to together, do they?

Seriously, French fries are a blight on Anglo America that I'm convinced is revenge for the Irish potato famine (the Irish, being the Koreans of Europe, don't mind taking out their own when seeking revenge).

Damn! Now I'm hungry.

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