Monday, March 8, 2010

Daily Kor for March 8, 2010: What day is today? Oh, that's right.

So KJI says that if the US and South Korea don't cancel their war games (which they should... I've seen that Matthew Broderick movie), then not only will Pyongyang not come to the six-party talks (which, truth be told, they thought were sex party talks*), but it will bolster its atomic capabilities.

Really, does this surprise anyone? I mean, you can set your calendar on when North Korea will go ballistic (yes pun intended) and say they aren't coming to the talks, they're going to build more nukes, and/or they will cancel all tourism activities. Seriously, it's right there on the calendar, one week after Taeborŭm: obscure Chinese characters that read, "Day of North Korea yelling something crazy and storming out of the room." There's another one in four weeks.
  1. North Korea declares end to cooperation on six-party talks and says it will bolster atomic defense and end armistice in retaliation for joint ROK-US military exercises (CNN, Reuters, AFPAP via WaPo, Bloomberg, YonhapKCNA, Korea Times)
    • Beijing says other parties should remain resolute and patient (Yonhap)
  2. Body of thirteen-year-old Pusan girl, missing for eleven days, found with signs of sexual assault (Korea Times, Korea Herald)
  3. ROK government will help local dairy farmers maintain levels of 2 million gallons of milk to help them cope with ROK-EU free-trade agreement (Yonhap, Korea Herald)
  4. Venezuela defeats North Korea, 2-1, in pre-World Cup soccer friendly (USA Today)
    • South Korea routs New Zealand, 9-2, in field hockey World Cup to keep on track in semi-finals (AFP)
    • South Korea's Noh Seung-yul wins Malaysia Open (AP)
  5. North Korea watchers believe recently released KCNA photos indicate the woodsprites are gunning for Kim Jong-il (AFP
* Recycled joke
Ten thousand apologies.

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