Saturday, March 6, 2010

FOBs to be used as bargaining chips

FOBs. That's what I've decided to label people who march into North Korea to tell Kim Jong-il to expand human rights and step down, à la Robert Park. FOBs. It stands for Friends of Bob, but it has an air of doofusness to it which sounds very satisfying. Also, you're Stupogants™.

See, you think you are boldly going in and making a difference, challenging the system, getting the Juche ideologues to run scared. But you're not.

All you're doing is turning yourselves into bargaining chips that your own government will have to pay for in the end.

Stop doing it. Stop. Stop! If you really want to risk your lives to help North Koreans, help ferry refugees out of China. Sure, that probably won't completely satisfy your Messiah complex, but it will work wonders for your Moses complex.

And in case you're wondering what the effin' crap triggered this rant, it's this:
The government recently learned who the four South Koreans detained by North Korea were, but declined to make the information public.

This validates North Korea's claim that it has the South Koreans in custody, which raises speculation that the cash-strapped secretive state may try to use them as bargaining chips.

A government official made it clear that Seoul would not promise anything to Pyongyang for the release of the South Koreans. They were detained after crossing the border into the northern territory.
Sure, that's what they say, but you know and I know that some concession, some payoff, or something will have to be offered in order to save your foolish hide.

Blue House, I know you're reading, so just let those folks stay in the Pyongyang Palazzo for a few months more.

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