Friday, March 12, 2010

Loose change for March 11, 2010

 Economic news 
  • I guess there's a battle between 3-D television formats. If history is any indication, the cheaper one will beat out to the better one. And then the people will rise up against the cheaper one and the voters will wonder why we're in the battle in the first place. 
  • UPI has more on KAIST's wireless electric vehicle.
  • The Korea Times is reporting that South Korean doctors are flocking to the US. If they make a movie about them, it can be called "Meet the Flockers." Yes, I thought that was worth sharing.
 North Korea news and stuff 
 Other Korea-related stuff 
  • The Korea Herald has a good rundown of some of the more notable Korean language learning programs.
  • South Korean climber Oh Eunsun is heading to the Himalayas to climb Annapurna, which would make her the first woman to climb all the world's fourteen tallest peaks. I can't even get my girlfriend to hike up to Namsan.
  • French vets of the Korean War recently gathered to share their experiences (mass surrendering and yelling "Zut!" a lot?).
  • Salon's Andrew O'Hair is calling Mother a Hithcockian thriller. The Wall Street Journal's Joe Morgenstern also likes it, a lot. 
  • Reporters Without Borders has listed South Korea as a "country under surveillance" on Internet freedom. Australia and Thailand, too. North Korea is an "enemy of the Internet," but they're an enemy of everybody. Much more on this topic here.
  • South Korean astronomers have discovered "wandering globular clusters." In space. 
 Americana and miscellany 

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