Monday, February 22, 2010

Book on Hiroshima is a "Toyota"

People are taking to task the author of a new book on the atomic bombing of Hiroshima that made some controversial claims. The New York Times article itself is interesting enough, but what prompted me to mention it is the neologism of sorts one historian on Hiroshima used to describe the book:
“This book is a Toyota,” said Robert S. Norris, the author of “Racing for the Bomb” and an atomic historian. “The publisher should recall it, issue an apology and fix the parts that endanger the historical record.”
Poor Toyota. I still love you, but it doesn't bode well that this meme is taking root like this.


  1. Your post on the AP report on Ohno is also a "Toyota," Kushibo. To my mind, extrakorea's fisking of it was too gentle. I respect your take on Korean issues but that was really amiss.

  2. Though I appreciate you helping the word "Toyota" gain currency, the appropriate venue for your claim would be here. And it would be helpful if you're more specific.


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