Friday, February 26, 2010

Friends of yours, Robert Park?

I'm not watching figure skating, me being a jinx and all, so I thought I'd briefly blog on this bit of news from AP (via the Wall Street Journal), about four ROK citizens arrested by the North Koreans:
Authorities "recently detained four South Koreans who illegally entered" North Korea, the North's official Korean Central News Agency said Friday. "They are now under investigation."

The brief dispatch didn't identify the South Koreans or say when they allegedly enter the North.

The National Intelligence Service, Seoul's top spy agency, had no immediate comment on the report.

The announcement came weeks after North Korea freed Robert Park, an American missionary detained for illegally crossing its border on Christmas Day to call international attention to the country's alleged human-rights abuses.

Last year, a South Korean pig farmer defected to North Korea by cutting through barbed wire at the heavily fortified border.
Were they trying to get into North Korea to deliver a message, à la Monsieur Park? Were they too close to the border and got lost, à la Mitch Koss et al? Were they hapless tourists or businesspeople snagged by the Norks so that they'd have fresh bargaining chips? Were they defectors?

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