Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Daily Kor for February 23, 2010

All eyes are on the winter Olympics, but there's some interesting news about America's summer pastime. Who knew Park Chanho could command so much cash this late in his career?
  1. Park Chanho signs one-year contract with New York Yankees worth $1.2 million (Reuters, ESPN, Bloomberg)
  2. A belligerent Pyongyang seeks military talks with Seoul next week (Reuters via WaPo, Bloomberg, Yonhap)
  3. Report by National Human Rights Commission of Korea details plight of North Korean women fleeing DPRK, saying they are subject to sexual violence and human trafficking in China and other countries (AFP)
  4. North Korean census data indicates drop in life expectancy and increase in child mortality over past fifteen years (AFP, Bloomberg)
  5. Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Family Affairs says H1N1 flu vaccine now available to everyone in South Korea (Chosun Ilbo)
  6. Gallup poll says half of South Koreans feel US-ROK alliance is strong (Chosun Ilbo)
  7. Police say suspected Taliban operative forged his identity several times (Korea Herald)
  8. Declassified documents show that US President Carter expressed deep regret over South Korea's 1979 coup, fearing it could invite military attack by North Korea (Korea Times)
  9. Korean short track fans enraged after Apolo Ohno uses Hollywood fellatio action to alert Olympic skating judges that Lee Jungsu should be disqualified as a co¢ksu¢ker (ESPN)

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