Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Daily Kor for February 10, 2010: Slapstick comedy

Okay, then. We've got the UN envoy heading to Pyongyang to talk denuclearization, while the North Korean envoy heads off to Beijing. Meanwhile Beijing asks Kim Jong-il to pay a visit... Is it me, or is this sounding like a bad sitcom episode? Anyway, I wonder how things would play out if the Dear Leader really were to head to China.

With dissent over the Great Currency Obliteration of 2009 and the government acknowledging how badly they mucked things up (not to mention with the designated heir Kim Jong-un said to have been in charge of that muck-up), Pyongyang may be ripe for a coup.
  1. UN envoy Lynn Pascoe arrives in Pyongyang to urge return to six-party denuclearization talks (AP via WaPo)
  2. North Korean leader Kim Jong-il reiterates pledge to denuclearize the Korean peninsula (links here)
    • US says North Korea must act on nuclear pledge (Bloomberg)
    • Kushibo hopes his denuclearization plans don't involve using all the ones he already has.
  3. China extends invitation to Kim Jong-il (Korea Herald)
  4. Magnitude 3.0 earthquake with no injuries gives bored, snowed-in Seoulites something to talk about (Korea Times)
  5. Toyota Korea recalls all Prius hybrid vehicles in Korea (Joongang Daily)
    • Toyota recall spreads to luxury Lexus brand (Chosun Ilbo)
  6. KRW gains as government vows to keep policies accommodative (Bloomberg)
  7. South Korea ranks #4 globally in patent findings (Korea Times)
  8. Economists from Korea, Japan, and China propose single East Asian currency (Korea Times)
  9. South Korean producer inflation at a ten-month high (Reuters via CNBC)
  10. President Lee Myungbak will push US bid for Uzbek base (Joongang Daily)
  11. Korean PKO advance unit leaves for Haiti (Joongang Daily)
  12. Pyongchang's olympic bidding committee lobbies in Vancouver (Yonhap)
  13. North Korean Juche obelisks to feature prominently in Illuminati-themed sequel to Angels & Demons; Says author Dan Brown: "No, I'm not running out of ideas. Why do you ask?" (BBC)


  1. i totally saw a delegation from sochi in matching jackets walking down the street when i was in gastown the other night and i didn't know what's up but now i'm scared they're going to meet the pyongchang delegation and have a rumble

  2. Well, the Sochi crowd won out when Putin threatened Western Europe, so what would they need to fight for?

    I guess they should be worried that the hard-drinking mountain men from Pyongchang County might be holding a grudge.


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