Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Countdown to completion of LiNK's Pepsi challenge: Vote early, vote often!

I got an email from Esther Lee, the Communications Manager at LiNK, the site organization that assists North Korean refugees and is trying to win $250,000 from Pepsi to set up a facility to better serve the refugees. Until the voting is done, you'll find a direct link to vote for LiNK at the top of the right-hand column. Here is her email:
Hi Kushibo,

I wanted to ask if you could urge your readers to vote for us every day this week at We've been stuck in 4th place and we only have one week left to place in the top 2. Sunday is the last day to vote.

An easy way to get the word out is through our facebook group and cause. Here are some links that make it easier:

Thanks for your consideration and help!
I'm more than happy to do whatever I can. Please, people, these folks at LiNK do good work, so vote early, vote often (at least vote once a day).

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