Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vote for your favorite blog at 10 Magazine

The link is here.

And vote for LiNK in the Pepsi thing (see link for LiNK in upper right corner). That's actually more important.


  1. Wow, hi there!

    That was some response you got. She just forgot to mention the failed currency reform, severe food shortage, colder than normal winter, and a coming regime change as to why the North has been acting a bit more 'pleasant' as of late.

  2. I may address some of those things. I just ask people to hold their applause and questions until the end. :)

  3. Okay. I'll wait until you have time to digest your brush with the famous.

    By the way, I went to that magazine and voted, but my vote was tossed out (like in Florida) because I voted for a blog I really enjoy but the owner uses verbiage that the powers that be at the 10 magazine find distasteful. Funny, the "10" magazine I remember from my youth didn't care much for words at all or clothes for that matter.

  4. Okay. I'll wait until you have time to digest your brush with the famous.

    Hardly my first brush at all. There have been others, including the Queen of England, but I can't find the link.

  5. He's a lifer here in the my area. He's trying to take Dave's Esl down with his "shits and giggles" blog and calls himself a dunce.

    He's a bit uncouth and vulgar, but we all were animals ourselves once upon a time. I think many still are, myself included when poked one too many times with a stick. Sometimes, he goes a bit too far, but I think that's part of his "act" to draw in readers. What I like most is that he doesn't take himself seriously--something that too many others do.

    And it helps my digestion by reading not only the "Times" but also the occasional bathroom fare. Now, which "Times" am I referring to?

  6. Yeah, I was disappointed 10 reacted that way. I like his photography, don't care much for the blog as a whole, but if you're going to have a poll about Korea blogs you have to include them all.

    He also made a good point about "cheating," because practically everybody on that list is directing their readers to the poll (pretty much under the assumption their readers would vote for them). He does the same thing and gets taken off. I really don't think he had any hope of winning, but what's the point of doing a poll if you don't include everyone? It'll just look like a circle-jerk by going down to the same blogs that everybody notices. (Very surprised eatyourkimchi is in the lead, good site as it is.)

    Besides, the most popular K-blogs, by a very large margin, are K-pop ones, and none of those were included.

  7. Well, An Idiot's Tale! is now listed in the contest; however, the "more prestigious" racers left the starting gates before he even had a chance to lace up his shoes.

    Not very sporting.

  8. Thank you both for finally telling me which blog. I'll have to go check it out when I'm done with the Lisa Ling thing (and some work).

    Brian wrote:
    He also made a good point about "cheating," because practically everybody on that list is directing their readers to the poll (pretty much under the assumption their readers would vote for them).

    That's not why I did it. I'm under no illusions that a majority of people who come here regularly prefer my blog over all the others. Some do, I'm reasonably sure, but not enough to win a beauty contest.

    I just wanted to alert people to it so they could vote for a decent blog, going on the assumption that the people who do come here have taste, whether I'm their favorite or not. If that makes any sense.

    Your conversation does make me realize I don't go to that many blogs on a regular basis. The ones in the "daily breadth" mainly. I guess I should get out more. But that's why I rely on the likes of Brian, Matt, Robert, et al, to put in links to these different places... do my work for me.

    John, do you have a blog, or are you Mr. Awesomecool whom you follow?

  9. No, I'm not Mr. Awesomecool. Odd, that you stumbled across that blog. I don't really follow it, but he seemed depressed b/c his wife had more followers, so I thought I'd make his day.

    I used to be heavy into blogs when they were known as electronic bulletin boards and only accessible via CompuServe or Prodigy, but I got myself into a bit of trouble by showing some people how to save some money in those good old days and it scared me away from deeply embedding myself in it again.

    An interesting coincidence is one of my old students asking for my email address yesterday. I gave her my address and told her that it hasn't changed since 1996 (the year of her birth), and I don't plan on ever getting rid of it. That was back before HoTMaiL had been bought by Microsoft and the word had a couple of different meanings.

  10. Ah, John and I are talking about two different things.

    An Idiot's Tale thought he was the guy who got dropped, but it was chiaamatt, who was initially on the poll. chiaamatt has some decent photographs, but I don't read his blog. An Idiot's Tale is garbage. He's "outraged" about the "conspiracy," and it's not even about him.

    You could always vote for anybody you wanted, including an Idiot's Tale. The poll said all along that if a blog got three write-ins it would be included on the poll.

  11. Brian,

    When I first voted for his blog, the vote was rejected for some reason or another, so "I" left a snarky note on that blog asking why and then left one on the "Idiot's" to let him know that I tried to vote for him but it wasn't allowed for some reason or another. He than ran with it.

    It seems like there might have been a snafu somehow which I tried to point out, but my initial, and subsequent, comments about it on the "10 Magazine" post have been deleted by the administrator, but the "idiot's" blog eventually got listed anyway.

    I do agree that the "Idiot's" blog isn't high level fare like yours, kushibo's, and the marmot's--all of which I thoroughly enjoy. However, like "4 buck Chuck," "The Three Stooges," and those Harlequin romances, it does serve a purpose. Sometimes, we all need to step back a little, take life a little less seriously, and be able to laugh at the absurdity that gets thrown our way. I actually think I started following the Idiot's blog after I saw the wonderfully eloquent and moving "Steve Jobs' Stanford Commencement Speech" in which he wishes that everyone will "Stay hungry. Stay Foolish." You can find it on youtube. It's definitely worth watching.


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