Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kevin Smith detained in Guantanamo and waterboarded for being too fat

Read for yourself. It's right here:
Southwest Airlines is under fire after director Kevin Smith was kicked off a recent flight for being overweight.

The "Clerks," "Mallrats" and "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" director was ordered off a flight from Oakland to Burbank Saturday.

The pilot reportedly said Smith was a "safety risk" because he was unable to put down the armrest.

Smith, 39, responded with a barrage of profanity-laced Twitter posts, saying he was treated worse than a terrorist.
It's really not nice to treat obese people worse than terrorists. Life is already tough enough as it is (would any woman give him the time of day if he weren't in Clerks?).

My bad. Too-fat-to-fly Kevin Smith was apparently being hyperbolic. Either that or he doesn't actually understand how terrorists are treated in the US military justice system (about which I'm making no judgements whatsoever, so save the angry letters for Brian Deutsch or King Baeksu).

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