Saturday, February 27, 2010

When in Rome, do as the Koreans do

Apparently Apolo Ohno has learned more from his South Korean coach and competitors than just skating technique: after being disqualified, he is whining about the bad, jingoistic judges who disqualified him:
There was no grand finale, no gold medal – and sadly, no class from Apolo Anton Ohno as the final moments of his career ticked away Friday night.

Ohno went down as the greatest short-track speedskater in history when he took what are likely to be his final Olympic laps here, but he did nothing for his reputation with a needless and baseless swipe at a celebrating host nation.

By lashing out at the judges who disqualified him from the 500-meter final, Ohno ended his Olympic career much as it began in 2002: with controversy.

“You know, it is the head Canadian referee [Michel Verrault] out there,” said Ohno, with a smirk and a shrug. “And there were two Canadians in the race.”

Ohno, who could have skated into the sunset simply thankful to be adorned with yet another medal-gaining Olympic Games, instead offered remarks that were unfair and unfounded, that came across as an attempt to take some sheen off a truly golden night for Canada.
When did anyone ever expect class from the smugly self-satisfied Apolo Ohno?

I feel bad for Sung Si-bak (the guy in dark blue up above), who spilled yet again when he was somewhere in the vicinity of Ohno. The poor guy can't get a break... except for a leg, a knee, or a toe.

[HT to LastnameKim, even though I had to dig up the link myself]

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