Monday, February 22, 2010

South Korea announces "Cash for Carpers"

That's right, you can now exchange gripes for gifts. If you've got something to kvetch about in your life as a foreign resident of the Republic of Korea, shoot of an email to the Prime Minister's office and see if they'll do something about it. They're actually asking for your complaints:
The Prime Minister's Office receives suggestions on how to improve regulations that are discriminatory or troublesome for foreign residents or overseas Koreans.

Rules that cause inconvenience in immigration, personal identification, status change, economic activities or daily lives of non-Koreans, foreign spouses of Koreans or overseas Koreans could be examples. Ideas on regulations or systems deemed as discriminatory against foreign nationals are also welcome.

Please e-mail your proposals to or fax them to (02) 2100-2323 by the end of March. Outstanding ideas will be rewarded with gift certificates.

The Prime Minister's Office will also collect suggestions from foreign chambers of commerce in Korea as well as metropolitan and provincial governments, and formulate deregulation or revision plans in May after coordination with related government branches.
I've already sent mine:
Dear Mr President Prime Minister,

There are too many provinces nowadays. Please eliminate three.

I am not a crackpot.
I want that Shinsegae Department Store thingee, so don't steal my idea. Papa needs a new pair of shoes. Literally. I haven't left Hawaii because all I've got is these slippahs.

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