Saturday, February 6, 2010

Protesting against Olympic corporate culture in Vancouver

First the lack of snow, and now this.

Had they been given the nod for the 2010 winter games, does anyone think for a minute that the people of Pyongchang would have been protesting against anything related to the Olympics just days before they were to begin?

Note: For fun, type "snow vancouver" in the Google search field and about halfway through "vancouver" you'll get "no snow vancouver" as a suggested option. 

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  1. i was at a bar on campus drinking alone the other day and heard some kids at another table planning a protest for when the torch relay comes here. picking songs and chants and deciding whether to wear bandanas or not. so awesome.

    the party in vancouver is seriously over. i'm glad i'm going to be gone for the olympics because i don't think i could stand it.


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