Friday, February 5, 2010

Whitney Claws Is Coming To Town

Pop diva Whitney Houston has arrived in Seoul to kick off her Nothing But Love* world tour this Saturday at Olympic Park. Exhibit A why mandatory drug testing should be required of all E6 visa holders.

And in honor of her visit, I'm starting a caption contest for this photo. I'll start: "A frazzled Whitney Houston tries to get the attention of her "mood specialist" at the end of her airport press conference." I'm sure the rest of you can do better.

* I'd check if "love" is a new street term for some sort of controlled substance.


  1. hey man. i don't know what your deal is, but whitney rules.

  2. I used to love me Whitney Houston. But I just got more and more disgusted with her the longer she went into her tailspin of drugs and denial.

    My ribbing of her aside, I really, really, really hope she has gotten cleaned up and she stays clean. I would love to be able to look back at her drug-addled history as just history.

    Oh, and I do think it's cool that she's kicking off her tour in Seoul, but I do remember some nasty run-ins with the Korean press when she was obviously on something during the interview and she flew off the handle.

  3. Kushibo... you missed the picture where she's clutching two nervous looking Korean kids wearing hanboks... perfect caption contest that one... ;)

  4. hehehehe...

    It's the picture on the second row down, first column on the left.

    Oh, nm... even better link:

  5. I promise you, that will appear on a future Daily Kor.

  6. Too late...

  7. You think she's here on an E-Series visa? Did she pass the drug test?

  8. In all seriousness, I believe she would be in Korea on an E6 visa (entertainment visa), which is for lounge singers, people performing in movies, etc.

    There may be a super temporary work visa for things like this, or at least a different protocol, but I'm not sure what it is.

    And I believe E6 visaholders are subject to a number of tests, including HIV tests.

  9. I was asking seriously.

    I remembered reading that entertainers enter Korea hold the E-series visa. I wouldn't be surprised if there were some kind of temporary double secret visa. Green Day was in Seoul last month. No way those guys can pass a drug test.

  10. I'm with Shinbone. She's trying to get her life together and I'm 100% behind her. I LOVE Whitney! If she needs to lean on hanbok-wearing kids for support, then junior Koreans better get in line!

  11. My snarkiness aside, I do wish her well and I hope she can get her life around. I heard a nice piece on her comeback on a PBS podcast a few months ago, and it had me rooting for her. Really.

    She does look a bit disheveled and a lot of that might be from the long flight and the jet lag, but I'm just having a little fun with it. A lot of fun, actually.

    But really, I do wish her well. At one time she produced some great music, and I believe she has it in her to do it again. We'll all be better off for it if she can stay clean and stay bright.


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