Monday, November 16, 2009

And another thing...

I'm very tired, but while walking back to the dorm from the parking structure, I had this epiphany. Bear with me, please, as I'm in an altered state brought on from intense grogginess.

Deep in the bowels of the ATEK lair, a conversation takes place.

ATEK Figure 1 gloatingly holds up a headline in the Korea Times: "Xenophobic Group Opposed to English Teachers Forced to Remove Offensive Content from Site." ATEK Figures 1 through 8 raise a glass and laugh with giddiness at their success.

As the laughter subsides, a mirthful ATEK Figure 2 asks, "Well, what's the next order of business in our plot to take down Lee Eun-ung and his gang of bores?"

ATEK Figure 3 was gleeful: "We must kick them while they're down. We must pursue them into nothingness. We must vanquish them for good."

[above: ATEK's secret lair is located beneath an island in the middle of the Han River.]

ATEK Figure 2 recalled that several people in the K-blogosphere had suggested that ATEK first get their nemesis designated as a hate group. He wondered aloud if that wasn't a bad place to start the next phase: "I wonder if it's not a bad idea to get our nemesis designated as a hate group as a start to the next phase."

ATEK Figures 5 through 8 mumbled into their glasses. Going to the National Human Rights Commission of Korea and getting AES designated as a hate group had been passionately proposed by a moderately prominent blogger who was thought by many to secretly be opposed not just to ATEK, but to all teachers of English, something to do with having been jilted by one before going into exile on a faraway isle. Indeed, he posted letters of mockery — or at least letters interpreted to be letters of mockery — ridiculing teachers or English and calling them whiney. Following his plan would be beneath them... and possibly even a trap.

But ATEK Figures 1 through 4 were convinced that this was a sound idea. They had thought of it even before the mocking blogger had expounded its merits.

ATEK Figure 4 held the power, and he decided that this is what they would do. Immediately, electronic mail, traditional mail, and electronic voice communications were sent out to the Commission. The ATEK figures waited with bated breath for a response from the Commission. They had hoped their request would be accepted and followed up, for their case was strong. Evidence of AES's xenophobic and even racist hate was as copious as it was obvious.

[above: AES's secret lair is located inside a Daewoo Matiz.]

But soon their hopes were dashed. As ATEK Figures 1 through 8 sat around the telephone, they heard a member of the Commission state what was wrong: "We don't see what hate and xenophobia you're talking about."

"What are you talking about?" barked ATEK Figure 5. "It's right there plain as day."

The Commission member clarified: "We see contact information, some newspaper links, but not much else. There's a graphic of kids practicing their ABCs on a chalkboard."

ATEK Figure 5 was furious. She had been against this move from the beginning, but she was now incensed that the Commission could not see the conspicuous evidence in front of them. "What about the stuff about stalking, claiming English teachers are diseased sex fiends, descriptions of our whole lot as drug-taking incompetents? Why don't you recognize that as hate speech?"

"Perhaps it is, Ms ATEK Figure 5," responded the Commission members. "But there is no such stuff on the site."

Almost like an epiphany, ATEK Figures 1 through 8 realized their folly: In forcing the xenophobic group opposed to English teachers to remove its offensive content from its site, ATEK had inadvertently eradicated the evidence they needed to prove their nemesis was in fact a hate group.


  1. Mark wrote:
    Thats what I don't understand.. The spokesperson saying he doesn't see a problem.

    In my still groggy state, I'm not sure I understand your question. You don't understand why the NHRCK spokesperson doesn't see a problem, or are you referring to some real-world spokesperson who said they don't see a problem with how ATEK is going about this, or something else?

    Anyway, did AES begin deleting things from their site?

    I have no idea, though if they had, it would underscore the folly I'm pointing out here: If ATEK succeeds in getting Naver to take down the offensive material, then they have gutted their case for demonstrating AES is a hate group. Showing that past material now removed is an example of their hate speech just does not have the power to persuade like the real thing.

    And even if they fail, just by trying to go after them, AES now knows what's coming and they can start, beginning several days ago when this all went down, to remove the offensive stuff, thus making it harder to make a case that they're a hate group.

    Again, as I stated here, the apparent power of AES is not in the information on their website but in their apparent influence with legislators and lazy members of the press. They must be taken down in a completely different way from this.

    The more I think about this, the more I realize what a mistake it was to not first launch a concerted effort to get the group listed as a hate group with the NHRCK.

    I can't be the only one trying to do that. ATEK is organized — and they're in the freaking country right now — so they should be the ones doing it.

  2. Walking back from the dorm? You mean from the dorm of your college bound girlfriend/mistress, right?

  3. Edward wrote:
    Walking back from the dorm? You mean from the dorm of your college bound girlfriend/mistress, right?

    Walking back to the dorm. Student parking is 0.4 miles away from my dorm. Every Sunday night, after legally parking in front of the dorm for the weekend, I have to move my car back to the structure.

    It sucks, especially when I forget to do it and have to rouse myself out of bed and into my street clothes at 2 a.m.

    As for your continuing insinuations I am pursuing underaged females in any way, nothing could be further from the truth. My motto is: If she's not of age, then turn the page.

    I need a better motto, but there aren't many suitable words that rhyme with "age," "legal," "age of majority," or "no longer a minor."

    Oh, wait: If she's not a minor, you can wine and dine her.

  4. Mark, maybe they did start taking things down so they wouldn't get caught. To be honest, even though I am critical of this move by Ms Vandom and then ATEK to pursue this avenue instead of first getting ATEK designated a hate group, it didn't occur to me until afterward that this was like turning on all your sirens full blast while driving to a surprise police raid.

    As for catchy admonitions about dating underaged girls, I'll try to hang around some Aussie grad students until I can think of something suitable.

  5. I actually went out with a UCLA senior last year. It was fun.


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