Friday, November 13, 2009

The South Korean video that will have North Koreans shaking in their boots

After seeing this, "What the hell?" gave way to laughter. But really, how do these baseball players expect Korea to live up to the reputation as a nation of hotheads with things like this?
(HT to Solomon)

bumfromkorea provides an answer for what this is all about:
The one-legged hopping thing is a children’s game called “dak ssaum” (literally, “chicken fighting”) where the participants hop on one foot and try to knock others off their foot. The batter got hit pretty badly by that pitch, and he walked up to the pitcher pretending to start an actual fistfight, but then resolved the conflict by jokingly challenging him to a “dak ssaum”. Quite a heartwarming moment of sportsmanship, really.
Hmm... maybe bumfromkorea would be a good addition to the Sonagi Consortium.


  1. Hey, what the hell was this?? haha
    Also, did you notice how empty the stadium was?? And I thought the reaction of the umpire at the end was kind of funny....walking around like "whatever, guys!".

  2. I have no idea what the hell this was, but it was funny.

    I think the reason the stadium looks so empty is that the seats out behind left, right, and center field are often empty, including at this game.

    The last game I went to in Seoul was packed with people in the seats from first base, behind home plate, to third base, but out in the back, there were very few people.


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