Saturday, November 21, 2009

Guest bloggers and part-time bloggers wanted

I am interested in getting bloggers or would-be bloggers who would like to post occasionally here at Monster Island or at Sonagi Consortium, my earlier attempt to do the same which never really got off the ground (for lack of trying).

I'm looking for people who might be able to fill in for me to do the news when I'm traveling, people who want to do a weekly feature, or those who would like to use Sonagi Consortium as their own irregular soapbox that might still attract eyeballs. All SoCon posts will have a go-to link here.

I'm not looking for people who agree with me and everything I say; in fact, I'd like a little diversity of opinion, but respectful and thoughtful stuff.

I'm hoping that blog-less people like, say, cm or yuna or Won Joon Choe, or even inheartblueballs if he doesn't bring the avatar, even those like sonagi or wangkon/Edward who already have access to The Marmot's Hole as guest bloggers but might have some not-ready-for-primetime stuff they'd like to put up. Regulars here like LastnameKim or Shinbone would also be welcome.

Email me if you're interested.


  1. Hey!... Why should I post here so you can have two or three lattes instead of just one!

    Where's my latte dammit!.. ;)

  2. When/if the money ever starts pouring in, the lattes are on me.

    Seriously, for whatever you deem not ready for TMH, feel free to do at SoCon. And if you were to do the news for me on occasion, that would be great.

    Can you reach Yuna somehow? I think she'd be a good addition. As long as she's not doing battle with Mizar5, she's fairly interesting to read.


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