Thursday, November 12, 2009

Senior citizens doing things typically associated with what teenagers have to go through emerging as a new meme in South Korean media

First we had the driver license test lady, and now we have Cho Jaesu, who at seventy-seven years of age is taking the sunŭng exam, Korea's much more comprehensive and grueling version of the American SAT.

More power to her. As someone who started working on a PhD in his thirties, I'll tell you that being older than a typical college student is no picnic. Might I suggest to Widow Cho that she major in history, which should be an easier choice of study for her since, well, she's already been there.


  1. It must be quite a challenge for her, and also joy.

  2. Well, it's a challenge for anyone, to be sure. With her kids having grown up and everything, she may very well have had the time to learn all the stuff you have to learn.

    I hope she makes it. I think it's a cool story. My aunt recently retired and, with all her kids having grown, she decided to finish her college degree.


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