Thursday, November 19, 2009

Daily Kor for November 19, 2009: Summit edition

You'd better watch out (North Korea), you'd better not cry (chinboistas)... You'd better not pout (Korea business leaders pushing for ratification of the FTA), I'm telling you why... O~bama is coming to town!

For the first time since President George W. Bush took office in 2001, we have a US president and a ROK president who are mostly sort of on the same page. And this comes at a time when Tokyo is the ally that's giving Washington a headache. Interesting things afoot.

As the first few links suggest, North Korea and the FTA will be dominant subjects. Maybe for the first time in a while, USFK won't be a hot topic. And that's prolly a good thing.

Meanwhile we have no progress on the cause of the fire in Pusan, with one more death coming from that. The captain of the North Korean tanker was apparently killed, but for some reason this topic just isn't playing out in the K-blogs. If it doesn't involve boobies or evil hagwons, people just aren't interested.

  1. US President Obama arrives in Seoul for summit with ROK President Lee Myungbak (LAT, UPI, CNN, Yonhap)
  2. Eighteen more fatalities bring South Korea's H1N1 death toll up to eighty-two; total includes 69 "high-risk" patients (Korea Times, Yonhap, Korea Herald)
  3. Death toll from fire at indoor shooting range in Pusan rises to eleven as a fourth South Korean succumbs to severe burns (UPI, Yonhap); police still unable to ascertain cause of blaze (Korea Times)
  4. South Korea to disclose identity of convicted pedophiles starting in 2010 (AFP, Korea TimesKorea Times op-ed)
  5. North Korean captain of hijacked chemical tanker carrying crew of 28 from DPRK reportedly dead from gunshot wounds sustained in attack (links here)
  6. South Korea rules out imminent resumption of North Korea tours (Yonhap, Korea Herald)
  7. Apple passes final hurdles for South Korean sales of iPhone in the near future (links here)
  8. Sale of a controlling stake in Daewoo Engineering & Construction draws three unidentified bidders (Reuter via Forbes)
  9. Japan denies Asahi Shimbun report that PM Yukio Hatoyama is planning a trip to North Korea to discuss nuclear disarmament and abducted Japanese (Bloomberg)
  10. Rice farmers rally for resumption of food aid to North Korea (Korea Times)
  11. Labor Ministry report says women empowerment still unacceptably low; salary of female workers stands at 70% that of male workers (Korea Times)
  12. National Tax Service launches crackdown on offshore tax evaders (Korea Times)
  13. South Korea loses to Serbia, 0-1, in World Cup warm-up in West London (ESPN)
  14. US President Obama issues abject apology to Japanese Emperor for America using embargoes to force resource-poor Japan into war; the truth of modern Japanese history is now restored (Sankei Shimbun)

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