Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kim Yuna lives up to hype and sets scoring record

Kim Yuna has "obliterated the competition" in the women's short program at Skate America in the former winter Olympic host city, Lake Placid, New York. The Los Angeles Times has the story here and Yonhap here.

AP reports that she set a new world record for points:
By the time she finished her sultry dance, coming out of a spin and firing an imaginary gun, she had sent the crowd into the sort of frenzy Michelle Kwan used to generate, and her performance overshadowed even American Evan Lysacek's gold-medal performance in the men's free skate later.

"When that music starts, she just goes into this other state," said her coach, two-time Olympic silver medal winner Brian Orser.

Though a half a world away from her birthplace of Gyounggi-Do, South Korea, Kim felt quite at home Saturday, not surprising given that the old 1980 Olympic Rink was wallpapered with signs of support for Kim, who generated thunderous applause, screeches, shrieks and masses of followers -- fans piled around a set of windows merely to watch her post-competition interviews.
I wonder if women's skating officials will start complaining, à la LPGA, about Korean domination of their sport, or will they just recognize that maybe the attention it brings is a good thing.


  1. I'm tired of Yuna winning everything!

    I'm just gonna tune out until the 2010 Olympics... ;)


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