Sunday, November 29, 2009

Take your daughter son to work Worker's Party day

Apparently North Korea's Dear Leader is serious about making his youngest son his heir. I guess that's why he's called an heir-apparent [rim shot]. Thanks. I'm here all week.

Um, anyway, the evidence comes by way of a North Korean "internal document" which itself comes by way of Japan's Mainichi Shimbun newspaper. It says that Kim Jong-il took Kim Jong-un on a "field guidance" trip that is intended to prepare him to take over the reins of power in Pyongyang.

From AFP:
The Mainichi Shimbun said it had obtained an official North Korean "internal document" which described a visit by the father and son to a provincial agricultural university earlier this year.

The literature described itself as "the first official document regarding General Comrade Kim Jong-Un", the daily said. Information on the Kim family is tightly controlled by North Korea's official media.

Kim Jong-Il and his late father, North Korea's founder Kim Il-Sung, used "field guidance" trips to military units, factories, farms and other places to demonstrate their absolute leadership in the communist state.

The document, dated April 26, said that Kim Jong-Il visited Wonsan University of Agriculture in the eastern port city of Wonsan, telling activists there that he had brought Kim Jong-Un, the newspaper reported.
I wonder if the 26-year-old Cherished Leader spent the whole time on the twisted photo op thinking to himself, "Oh, God! Forty years of this?!" If so, unification may be closer than we think.

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