Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Loose change for February 2, 2010

 Economic news 
 North Korea news and stuff 
 Other Korea-related stuff 
  • College students of Korea take note: President Lee Myungbak says there will be no reward to Kim Jong-il "just for showing up" to a North-South summit.
  • Controversial banners in Oakland that designated an ethnically diverse neighborhood as "Koreatown" will come down. Yeah, that's not exactly "Korea-related," but I've got too many stories under the Miscellany heading.
  • A handy-dandy list of Full Metal Jacket-isms you can use when talking to people on the phone. Or in person.
  • Eggs 'n Things: Waikiki's answer to Denny's and crawling with Japanese tourists. Damned good macadamia nut pancakes, by the way.
  • The Los Angeles Times does a little focus on US Representative Ahn "Joseph" Cao, a Vietnamese-American Republican trying to get re-elected in a heavily Black and Democratic district.
  • I should start ranking the Winter Olympics cuties, beginning with Lindsey Vonn.
  • Which is better: San Francisco or San Diego?
  • The US (along with China) met a Sunday deadline to sign on to the Copenhagen Accord's voluntary agreement to curb greenhouse gases.
  • Will US Senator-elect Scott Brown of Massachusetts ride his fame to the president?
  • Democrats in Congress are quietly putting the final touches on a strategy to resuscitate healthcare.
  • Lawrence Garfinkel, the statistician who discovered the link between smoking and cancer (waaaay back), has died at the age of eighty-eight.
  • A sample of one alert marijuana user proves that smoking pot has little effect on driving.
  • CBS (in America) won't allow a Superbowl ad for ManCrunch.com, a gay dating site. I guess they didn't like the connection between watching big men in tight pants grabbing each other and gayness.

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