Monday, February 8, 2010

TV wasteland

Well this sucks. I can't find my EyeTV box so I can't watch the Superbowl on my Mac, and I can't find my digital converter box's remote to rescan the channels in order to get KGMB, the local CBS affiliate, so I'm stuck watching it on the student lounge TV, the device above that's chained down. As if.

I had thought about boycotting like last year, since neither nor is offering streaming. But I want to watch the Hyundai commercials, so here I am. Go Saints!

And might I add, what a geriatric halftime show. CBS is really whorin' those guys out.


  1. Looks like you were the only one. They scored pretty low on USAToday's Ad Meter. The lowest of all the car makers.

    But you got the winner right, and it was a pretty good game.

  2. The Hyundai ad was nothing special — it was talking about what a great paint job they had — and the Kia ad was cute but kinda weird, though it did make me think the Kia Sorento looked kinda cool. If they have it in the LP gas hybrid (LGi?), that will probably be my next car in Korea.

  3. But you got the winner right, and it was a pretty good game.

    Utter dumb luck on my part. Well, not completely dumb luck, but I was going with my gut, and my gut was right.

    Of all the people in America viewing the game yesterday who had actively sought to watch it (and weren't dragged or forced into it), I probably know the least about football.


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