Friday, November 6, 2009

Camp Humphreys super expansion looking good

If you're curious about the expansion of New Lelang Commandery Camp Humphreys, here's a handy-dandy video produced by the US military. (HT to Wangkon*)

I'm looking forward to when I have a chance to tour this place. I've seen some of the newer facilities at Yongsan Garrison (the high-rise apartments, the movie theater, etc.) and I expect that the Camp Humphreys facilities will be just as good or better. The apartments there already look like the newer ones at Yongsan, which is a good sign. (I'm wondering, though, if I'm the only who noticed how the child care center [above] looks a bit like a cross.)

As someone who believes the US has an indispensable role in Northeast Asia, I think the move out of the capital and to a better facility farther south is a very good move. I didn't always think so, but the more I know about how the chinboistas work and operate, the better I feel about not making USFK an easy target for them, not just in terms of geographic proximity but also in terms of face-saving and ideology (a foreign military force occupying prime land in the middle of the capital would be tolerated by few countries, and it's a mark of how low anti-American sentiment had been in general that it was tolerated for so many decades).

Anyway, unlike the 1996 deadline (ha ha!), it's nice to see that the move really is moving on through and the new facilities will be even better than the old ones. But I'd still like Dragon Hill Lodge to remain open so I can get a quick-and-easy breakfast in the morning. And the US Embassy Association Starbucks — the cheapest and quietest in all of Korea and the place where this blog was born — I hope that remains open as well.

* Wangkon, this is how you do a hat tip. While it's good to acknowledge the name of the person to whom you're giving credit, it's even better to provide a link to where they did it. Note also, in this example, that it would be a bit weird for me to link, in a hat tip, to the historic figure Wangkon himself.


  1. Lelang commandary... that's hilarious...

    I wonder if anyone else will get the joke...

    Btw... I just follow Rob's HT rubric.

  2. Actually, I think you're not. When he gives a hat tip to a reader, he provides no link (how could he?), but if it's something linkable (as in this one), he often does.

    For anyone reading this besides me and Edward, this is a friendly discussion, not some pissy argument, even though I realize everything I say is interpreted that way by some people. :)


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