Monday, November 9, 2009

You call it corn, we call it "amazing you're still alive."

The Korea Central News Agency is determined to make us believe that the Dear Leader is not only not ailing, but that he's up and around and moving about. In other words, the sexy sexagenarian is alive, kicking, and virile.

And who am I to deny their efforts? In that spirit, I will post every single picture they release of the parka'ed one, but it will come with a cost: Kim Jong-il will have to suffer the indignity of being routinely turned into a caption contest. I'll start:
  • "While touring the dildo factory, Kim Jong-il remarked how textures and sizes had indeed evolved since he was a young man sexually manipulating the housekeeping staff."
All right. It's late, I'm groggy, and that's all I've got. I was going to say something about microphones and testing one, two, three, but it's just stupid.

Oh, and in case you're treating this as some sort of "Where's Waldo?" adventure and you're trying to keep score, the KCNA says that this is a visit to a cooperative farm in South Hamgyŏng-do Province. It's not clear if he offered any on-the-spot guidance. But if he had, I'm sure the corn would have dutifully listened. They're all ears.

Did I mention I'm really, really groggy right now?


  1. Ok, with all the talk about his fake pictures floating around to dupe the public, this one DOES kind of look like a double...I mean...just look at the glasses and hat (they probably couldn't find a wig like the dear leader's). Also, if you can look at his eyes...he looks like a beat up old man. Kind of an odd photo of the usual studly man we know and love.

  2. For a guy with so much money, he sure loves walking around in that parka.


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