Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Korea news links for November 10, 2009: Lang goes long

I guess those who feel that South Korea doesn't really believe in free trade and a truly open economy will not be happy with the news that Seoul is trying to allow for a "poison pill" option to prevent hostile M&As. By the way, the poison pill is not a literal, tangible pill, despite my little graphic just below, which I suspect may be drug-related. I snagged it from this conservative, anti-Obama site, and after reading some of their stuff, I'm pretty sure they're on something.

The other big story is that French envoy Jack Lane has arrived in Pyongyang. He surrendered as soon as he set foot on the tarmac (I know, I know, that's the second time today I used that joke, but I find it oh-so amusing). The question is what, if anything, will come of it. France hasn't exactly been a cheerleader for US interests, and they may see merit in undermining Washington's anti-proliferation efforts with Pyongyang, as if it's some sort of Iraq War 2 (or three, depending on how you're counting these things).
  1. South Korea seeks to introduce poison pill scheme to protect local companies from hostile takeover (Reuters, Yonhap)
  2. French special envoy arrives in North Korea to discuss Paris-Pyongyang relations and DPRK's nuclear weapons program (links here)
  3. Blue House says it expects progress on ROK-US free-trade agreement during Lee-Obama summit later this week (Xinhua)
  4. Lawmakers plan bill requiring multilingual services at public institutions and hospitals (Korea Times)
  5. US Present Barack Hussein Obama delays trip to East Asia by one day in order to attend Fort Hood ceremony (Reuters via WaPo)
  6. Seoul to step up efforts to bail out the slumping shipbuilding and shipping industries (Korea Times)
  7. Yonsei University to open two science departments in Inchon's newly constructed Songdo international business zone (Joongang Daily)
  8. GM Daewoo recalling 32,000 compact vehicles over defective seatbelts (Korea Herald)
  9. Korea out of the U-17 World Cup after 3-1 loss to Nigeria (Goal.com)
  10. Teenager arrested for having his mother and sister killed in arson fire (Korea Herald)
  11. International Atomic Energy Agency get green light to set up shop in Pyongyang after disguising itself as an Ikea (NYT)

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