Saturday, November 7, 2009

And speaking of LOTD posts...

... there's this classic video of Orson Wells, selling no wine before its time:

Word is that, right after this, he left for Korea and became an English teacher (I kid! I kid! I kid because I love... to kid!).

And speaking of a need for English teachers, LOTD has a nice selection of the top "Engrish" pics of the month. Among my favorites:

Of course, by putting up the "skipping rape" pic (and really, it is a good idea to skip all forms of rape, just so we're clear), I know I'm tempting blogger YouSeok to blow in with a comment that Korea is the rape capital of Asia and a link to his blog. At least this time it would be the one time in the K-blogosphere where the reference is actually relevant.


  1. Ha! Hey, is this product from Korea or China? It looks like it was printed in China. Koreans would NEVER make such printing mistakes~~ ;)

  2. I'm pretty sure it's Chinese writing, though it could be from, say, Taiwan.

    The site includes entries from all over East Asia, particularly Japan, South Korea, and China, but sometimes other countries, including India on occasion.

  3. Not that I'm endorsing the site, necessarily. While I think some of these things are laugh-out-loud funny, there seems to be an inherent mocking of Asians in this.


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