Saturday, November 7, 2009

Putting the ROK in "rockin' out"

No, I couldn't think of an even dumber title than that. Below is something I had seen before, but when it was featured yesterday at List of the Day, it had me laughing all over again.

I'm guessing the enthusiastic drummer is someone who would have preferred to get involved in some more lively music (back in the Park Chunghee era, from which I believe this comes, musical adventurism was heavily frowned upon), but he was stuck playing back-up for a mediocre trot singer*.

Back when Brian in Chŏllanam-do brought this clip to the attention of The Marmot's Hole commentariat, no one offered any explanation as to who it was, but I'm hoping someone will this time. One almost wonders if it was meant, even then, as a gag, but there's no canned laugh track.

* Actually, I don't know if she's mediocre or not, since I am unable to discern the difference between good, bad, and lousy "trot music."


  1. Ha! Great post, kushibo. I'm gonna have to show this to my parents the next time I visit them and see what they can tell me of this. I'm almost positive though that it was part of the humor to have him act that way. He's got that look of a typical comedian from that era.


  2. Here
    is a link to some info about the drummer.

  3. Ah, so he's 권순근 (Kwon Sun-gŭn). Thanks for that.


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