Friday, October 23, 2009

An answer for Seoul's traffic problems?

I would totally buy one of these things if they were available in South Korea and we could legally drive them up and down the Han River. (HT to List of the Day)

Funny how the driver starts out in Orange County (Pelican Hill is a tony development in Newport Beach, down the freeway from the manufacturer's Fountain Valley plant) and suddenly ends up in the Arizona desert. That these "water cars" can operate on a river or a lake is no gimmick; they're high-performance vehicles. From their website:
Dave’s vision was to see high-performance cars that were also high-performance boats. But he was not interested in previous amphibious vehicles that just float around. He was interested in designing a high-performance automobile capable of getting to plane on top of the water. His expectation was to reach freeway speeds in the water! His task was to incorporate the very latest materials and components into the optimum design for an amphibious vehicle.
Now if only I had the many tens of thousands of dollars it no doubt costs to buy one.

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