Monday, October 26, 2009

Korea news links for October 26, 2009: Sunday, Rudd-이 Sunday

And the slow weekend continues. President Lee is wrapping up his trip down south, Seoul Mayor Oh says he plans to keep his job if re-elected (so many 20th century buildings to gut, so little time), and wild boars are running rampant across the Republic, but not enough to make major headlines. So I'll just take some time on this sleepy Sunday morning (in the Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zone, we're like 47 hours behind everyone else) to just mess around with the Monster Island blog layout until it's completely unrecognizable.

  1. Seoul Mayor Oh Sehoon says he will not run for president in 2012, promises to complete his term if re-elected next year (Korea Times)
  2. LATE-BREAKING NEWS: South Korean economy grows at fastest rate in seven years, fueling speculation that Bank of Korea will raise borrowing costs for the first time since the beginning of last year's financial meltdown (Bloomberg, WSJ)
  3. Japan, South Korea, and China agree to to begin joint research by academic, government, and private-sector representatives to explore the possibility of forging a trilateral free-trade agreement (Japan Times)
  4. ROK President Lee Myungbak meets with Australian PM Paul Kevin Rudd to discuss economic recovery and North Korean nuclear issue (Yonhap, Korea Herald)
  5. Yŏnggwang nuclear power plant resumes operation (Reuters)
  6. North Korean leader Kim Jong-il orders stepped up silk production to give DPRK citizens quality clothing; Kushibo advises that this is not a joke headline (Korea Herald, Yonhap)
  7. South Korean rail unions vote to go on strike for higher pay and improved work conditions (Yonhap, Korea Herald)
  8. South Korea will reveal extent of corn aid to North Korea later in the week (Yonhap, Xinhua)
  9. With just over two months left in 2009, government report warns that few computer systems are equipped to deal with the Y2.01K bug (Yonhap)


  1. i unironically confuse paul rudd and kevin rudd's names all the time.

    also: kim jong-il concerned himself with people's clothes.

  2. I left that "Paul" in there not so much as a joke but because I had genuinely mistakenly put it in there when I first published this post.

    I once asked an Australian friend what kind of self-respecting country elects a prime minister named Kevin?

    She answered that the question did not apply based on two words: "elect" and "self-respecting."

  3. I like the video, Shinbone. I may make a whole post out of it.


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