Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Loose change for October 20, 2009

Political stuff:
Non-Korea miscellany


  1. Dude... you mixed up Latin America with Korean Education.

  2. Thanks. I was finishing that post at about 2 a.m. (despite the time stamp) and I was literally nodding off in front of the computer toward the end.

    But now I can't find the original article I had intended for that link, so I just put in the Joongang Daily.

  3. Dude... there are at least two HT you owe me there buddy!

  4. Dude... you sleep? I thought you were some super advanced artificial intelligence computer... you don't need sleep and you are not suppose to be tired!

  5. What are the two HTs? Almost everything I put in the Loose Change posts is stuff I found either in news trolling or while looking for something else. Only occasionally does that call for an HT, so if I missed one, I'd be more than happy to provide the link back.

    And while we're at it, I do appreciate the HT here, but it would be nice to have a link back (or whatever it's called) to the original post. I ask that because the daily Korea News Link posts are quite time consuming and I'd like to increase the traffic to them beyond my normal readership, if possible.


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