Saturday, October 24, 2009

Moralizing in Myŏngdong

Prudish shoppers have complained — to the Korea Times at least — about a racy Calvin Klein ad that was prominently on display in Myŏngdong, perhaps forcing its removal (the timing may be coincidental and the KT may be portraying itself as wielding more power and influence than it actually does).

Now if South Koreans want to look at pictures of the glistening female form, they'll have to resort to picking up the Chosun Ilbo.

[above: The offending ad. I really don't want to know what this harabŏji was doing just before the picture was taken such that he now needs to take a drag on that cigarette. Blech. The backstory on the ad, though, is that the woman's look is not one of ecstasy but frustration: "Why, oh why, did this great hunk of a man have to be gay?" The muscle-bound young man, of course, is imagining a May-December tryst as he eyes the harabŏji.]

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