Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Korea news links for October 13, 2009

The big news today is that North Korea decided to celebrate its positive new direction with the outside world by putting on a little fireworks display. The outside world responded with its own light show, as every single frickin' media outlet is illuminating billions of ones and zeroes talking about what the missile launch into the East Sea (Sea of Japan) means.

  1. North Korea unexpectedly fires five missiles into the East Sea after banning ships from the area for a ten-day period (Reuters via WaPo, BBC, AP via WaPo, AFP, Korea Times, Chosun Ilbo, USA Today, WSJ, Korea Herald)
  2. Seoul proposes talks with Pyongyang over deadly Imjin River flood (Reuters via WaPo, UPI)
  3. President Lee Myungbak says that South Korea is considering joining international projects aimed at exploring the Moon* (Korea Times, Korea Herald)
  4. South Korean Red Cross hints at request for talks with North Korea "on humanitarian issues" (Korea Times)
  5. Labor Minister meets with head of militant labor union in order to foster dialogue (Korea Herald)
  6. South Korea keeps a nervous watch on property prices (Forbes)
  7. Finance Minister Yoon Jeunghyun says recovering global demand means South Korean economy will be stronger next year (Bloomberg)
  8. Iran signs a $1.83 billion gas contract with GS (Reuters via CNBC)
  9. Nearly nonagenarian Reverend Moon Sun Myung turns over the reins of the Unification Church to his sons (AP via WaPo)
  10. Native Americans celebrate Columbus Day Discovery Day with national message of hope for the future delivered in traditional Plains Indian sign language (The Oklahoman)
* Too late, says Kushibo.


  1. S. Korea doesn't seem to care too much about Iran's nuclear developments, as long as their relations is beneficial.

  2. I have to clear up an error you made in your post! How dare you call it the East Sea?! It is Sea of Japan!!! Why do you disregard the name!!?? Netizens...we must teach this foreigner a lesson!! He must not be allowed to disrespect us (the entire world)!!!
    There is no East SEa!! Please to stop you lying here. We (the entire world) demand you say solly!


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